FalleN, fer, coldzera, and TACO become winningest players in CS:GO’s history after ECS Finals

All they do is win no matter what.

Photo via DreamHack

The majority of SK Gaming, the world’s most renowned CS:GO team on and off the server, has surpassed every player in the world in terms of championship winnings. Their win at the ECS Season 3 Finals this past weekend made this apparent, according to the site esportsearnings.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, SK’s captain and primary AWP, leads the world with a whopping $545,257.62 accrued over the past five years. Fernando “fer” Alvarenga lags not too far behind him at number two, with a total of $542,557.62, as the team’s X-factor. Marcelo “coldzera” David, a star player who’s constantly argued to be the best in the world, sits behind FalleN and fer with $533,568.54 gained. Epitacio “TACO” Pessoa is number four with an accumulated $523,676.97.

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A large majority of their winnings are from their victories at the ESL Cologne Major last July ($500,000 split amongst the five), IEM Syndey this past May ($100,000), and ECS Season 3 Finals ($250,000). Much of the remaining total has been amassed from other top finishes throughout 2016 and 2017.

Four-fifths of SK topped former record holders Nathan “NBK” Schmitt of G2 Esports ($504,053.76), Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth of Astralis ($497,871.90), Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen of Astralis ($495,472.74), and Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz of Astralis ($492,473.21). These players currently hold spots five through eight in the earnings rankings.

Joao “felps” Vasconcellos, the team’s newest pick-up, is rising in the rankings at number 48 with $202,241.69, as SK Gaming continues to win championships throughout 2017. SK’s old teammate, Lincoln “fnx” Lau, remains at number 20 on a steady decline in the rankings at $419,635.65, as his career is put on hold after being benched by Immortals. Fnx was traded to Immortals for felps in February.

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FalleN, fer, coldzera, TACO, and fnx are the five most successful players in the esports industry to come from Brazil, a country also notorious for its talented soccer teams. Felps sits at number seven, behind Guilherme “GuiFera” Fonseca, a player with the most earnings ($211,651.21) in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Felps is on track to become number six from potential earnings in the upcoming ESL Cologne event next week from July 4 to 9.

The rankings for event earnings is expected to change drastically in the coming weeks as ESL Cologne and the PGL Krakow Major approaches.