Silver CS:GO player completes ace using 3 different guns

Some skills were on display.

A casual CS:GO player that’s currently ranked in Silver III, the third-lowest ranking in matchmaking, won a one-vs-four clutch with several different weapons to complete his ace.

While four terrorists were entering Dust II’s A bombsite, the player pushed B tunnels with his Desert Eagle and got away with a “que ota,” picking up the enemy’s AK-47. He opted for the long rotation all the way through T spawn and was in a one-vs-four situation when, surprisingly enough, he had the calmness to one-tap two terrorists.

Once his presence was noticed, one terrorist peeked him and died, leaving his teammate alone. The player picked up an AWP from the ground, won the one-vs-one clutch with a beautiful flick shot, and rushed to defuse the bomb.

Although the player is only Silver III and his movement isn’t the best, you can see that he wasn’t desperate at any moment and took time to nail his shots. Many Silver and even Gold-level players would probably shoot while running or whiff the second or third kill.

You may say he got lucky because no one was checking long, but you have to give credit to someone who tries to win a one-vs-four clutch with the bomb planted. Regardless, the other team played this situation poorly considering they had complete control of the A bombsite but didn’t plant it for catwalk or long, the two strongest positions to defend the bomb.

With the calmness this casual CS:GO player showcased in this clip, he might get out of Silver pretty soon.