Shroud, n0thing, skadoodle, and sgares are streaming their journey through the IEM Katowice Minor qualifiers

The boys of summer 2015 are back. It's time to break out the Cloud9 tank tops.

Photo via DreamHack

Four-fifths of Cloud9’s 2015 CS:GO roster have reunited for the IEM Katowice Minor Championship qualifiers.

Retired C9 players Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, Tyler “skadoodle” Latham, and Sean “sgares” Gares are streaming their matches for the ongoing Minor online open qualifiers for the next Valve Major. They’re joined by former Swole Patrol player Samuel “SileNt” Portillo, instead of Ryan “Freakazoid” Abadir, who’s already in the closed qualifiers with Swole Patrol.

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The team is playing under the name “budget cyber monday version of OGC,” since the original lineup of the Old Guys Club isn’t all there right now. If they qualify for other qualifiers of the IEM Katowice Major, they’ll have to play with this lineup the entire time. At the moment, they’ve dominated the competition without much trouble, so it’s possible that they go through to the closed qualifiers considering the amount of skill on the team.

Qualifying for Majors is also new to some of them, including Shroud, who just learned about how complex the Valve Major qualifying system is at the lower tiers of competition.

Watching them all together on one team will definitely make you nostalgic of the old North American days of Counter-Strike, so be sure to tune in whenever Shroud, n0thing, skadoodle, and sgares go live on Twitch over the next week.