Sh1ro, Cloud9 eliminate fan-favorite Imperial from IEM Rio CS:GO Major

An incredible match by both teams.

Image via PGL

The IEM Rio Major might’ve just seen one of its biggest matches yet. Imperial, the Brazilian team led by the “godfather” of Counter-Strike, FalleN, in an elimination match against the young-gun Cloud9 roster, with the CIS squad winning 2-0.

C9 took the Imperial squad down in two maps, both leading to nail-biting overtime rounds, with C9 mounting a comeback every map. Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov took control in overtime, the sniper forced any advantage Imperial had to slip through their fingers. Through both maps, his ability to stay composed shook Imperial to its core, forcing them to lose precious rounds.

Overpass (19-15) featured a struggling C9 on the T side until the dying moments of the match. Pistols went either way, with both squads developing a series of round wins after the opening low-economy round. 

Vertigo (22-19) pushed both teams to their absolute limits, with C9 ultimately coming out on top. Imperial showed a superior pistol round conversion, winning both the T and CT pistols. Sh1ro absolutely dominated as soon as he got an AWP in his hands, with 30 kills with the big green by the end of the match. 

This was the match that each and every Brazilian had their eyes on. C9 lost their previous encounter against Imperial at the PGL Antwerp Major 2022. The Brazilian team upset the CIS squad, eliminating one of the strongest rosters at that event, and C9 had the opportunity to take their revenge.

FalleN shared with fans that despite him being exhausted by the competition, he’s not leaving just yet. The Brazilian IGL plans to play for at least one more year.

Imperial have now been eliminated from Rio, but C9 have another opportunity to keep their heads above water as they take on EG in their next best of three.