Several former MVP.PK teams plan legal action over late payments

Late payments have caused litigation from former players.

Image via MVP Phoenix

Former players for MVP.PK have told Dot Esports that they plan to sue the organization over late payments.

A spokesperson for MVP has confirmed late payments to Dot Esports. He said that the players are in the process of being paid and that the organization is trying its best to keep the players content. “We are doing our best to keep our players satisfied,” he said. 

One ex-CS:GO player said that he is yet to receive his prize money from IEM Sydney 2019 from April 30 to May 5 and ESL One Cologne from July 2 to 7. MVP earned $10,000 in total prize money for both events, finishing 12th and top-16 respectively after playing against some of the best teams in the world. Two players said that their salaries were delayed, with one player still waiting three months for his final paycheck.

But these payment issues go beyond just CS:GO. Other former MVP.PK teams, including its League of Legends, Honor of Kings, and PUBG teams, are preparing to sue the organization. They said they also had to wait months for their salaries and claim the organization’s communication has been terrible, according to MVP.PK’s former Apex Legends general manager Choi Seok-won

One player said he was owed “a lot” from MVP.PK, but didn’t specify an amount. He said that his contract didn’t include language stipulating when payments had to be made, nor was the prize money included. This is a widespread issue in player contracts in esports. Organizations tend to leave out these clauses to protect themselves from legal complications in the future.