ScreaM’s settings, crosshair, and viewmodel for CS:GO

They talk about his one-taps.

Photo via DreamHack

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, the self-proclaimed ‘eadshot machine, is a legend of modern Counter-Strike.

Over the course of his over 10-year professional career, ScreaM has played for some of the top French and European squads in Counter-Strike history. VeryGames, Titan, Epsilon, G2 Esports, and Team Envy are just a few of the teams he’s represented.

The Belgian, though, first made a name for himself in Counter-Strike: Source. The then 16-year-old joined 3DMAX, making his acquaintance with long-time teammate Richard “shox” Papillon. Since then, he’s seen success with VALORANT, stunning spectators with his pinpoint precision.

Here’s Scream’s full list of video, mouse, crosshair, and viewmodel settings.

Monitor Settings

Texture Quality4:3
Scaling ModeBlack Bars
Alienware AWE2521H

Mouse Settings

Raw InputOn
Zoom Sensitivity1
Windows Sensitivity6
Mouse AccelerationOff
Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Video Settings

Color ModeComputer Monitor
Brightness130 percent
Display ModeFullscreen
Global Shadow QualityHigh
Model/Texture DetailLow
Texture StreamingDisabled
Effect DetailLow
Shadow DetailLow
Boost Player ContrastEnabled
Multicore RenderingEnabled
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode4x MSAA
FXAA Anti-AliasingDisabled
Texture Filtering ModeAnisotropic 4x
Wait for Vertical SyncDisabled
Motion BlurDisabled
Triple-Monitor ModeDisabled
User Uber ShadersEnabled
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

Crosshair Settings

Copy and paste the following text into your console and press enter to activate ScreaM’s crosshair settings. Here’s how to open the console in CS:GO.

  • cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 4; cl_crosshairdot 1; cl_crosshairgap -999; cl_crosshairsize 3; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairusealpha 1; cl_crosshairthickness 0.5; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1; cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 1; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1; cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue 0; cl_crosshaircolor_b 250; cl_crosshaircolor_r 250; cl_crosshaircolor_g 250;


  • viewmodel_fov 68; viewmodel_offset_x 2.5; viewmodel_offset_y 0; viewmodel_offset_z -1.5; viewmodel_presetpos 3; cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 0.5; cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.25; viewmodel_recoil 1; cl_righthand 1;


  • cl_bob_lower_amt 5; cl_bobamt_lat 0.33; cl_bobamt_vert 0.14; cl_bobcycle 0.98;