Rogue wins the Global Challenge: Day 3 Recap

Here is your day three recap for the ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge.

Today marked the third and final day of the ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge. Championship Sunday was a global showdown indeed, with four different teams from four different places in the world all competing for the No. 1 spot. Here is how the playoffs went down:


LDLC vs. Tainted Minds

  • Map 1: Train – 16-8 LDLC
  • Map 2: Overpass – 16-14 LDLC

LDLC moves on to the finals and Tainted Minds are eliminated

Kinguin vs. Rogue

  • Map 1: Mirage – 16-12 Rogue
  • Map 2: Overpass – 16-9 Rogue

Rogue moves on to the finals and Kinguin is eliminated


LDLC vs. Rogue

  • Map 1: Dust 2 – 16-2 Rogue
  • Map 2: Train – 22-18 Rogue

After a very close second map, Rogue stole the series and the tournament. Huge congratulations to Rogue on another tournament win.

Were you expecting Rogue to win this event? Let us know in comments below and be on the lookout for our final placings article coming out on @GAMURS_CSGO.