Road to the IEM Katowice Major: Everything you need to know before the main event

Keep track of who's still in the running for the title of CS:GO world champion.

The 14th Valve Major cycle has commenced, and another monumental tournament series is on the horizon for CS:GO esports.

The IEM Katowice Major will be the first $1 million Major of 2019, and it’ll also be the first Major in Katowice, Poland since 2015. With 24 spots up for grabs, teams from around the world will be fighting for a place at the main event, where each player will be given their own in-game stickers as a reward for their historic journey from the online qualifiers to the Minor championships, to the ESL Arena (the New Challengers stage), to the International Congress Centre (the New Legends stage), and finally to the Spodek Arena (the New Champions stage). 

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Below is everything you need to know about the upcoming IEM Katowice Major.

The 2019 IEM Katowice Major — Feb. 14 to March 3

LegendsChallengersMinor Challengers
AstralisNinjas in PyjamasTBD via Asia Minor
Natus VincereFnaticTBD via Asia Minor
MIBRG2 EsportsTBD via CIS Minor
Team LiquidCloud9TBD via CIS Minor
BIGVega SquadronTBD via Americas Minor
compLexity GamingTyLooTBD via Americas Minor
HellRaisersTBD via Europe Minor
FaZe ClanTBD via Europe Minor
TBD via third place 
TBD via third place

The Major Stages

The New Challengers StageFeb. 14 to 17Format TBD
The New Legends StageFeb. 21 to 24Format TBD
The New Champions StageFeb. 28 to March 4Single-elimination best-of-three bracket

The CIS and Europe Minor Championships — Jan. 16 to 20

Team SpiritMousesports
WinstrikeWindigo Gaming
Nemiga GamingOpTic Gaming
pro100Space Soldiers
Gambit EsportsENCE Esports
Syman GamingTeam Vitality
  • Notable CIS teams eliminated: forZe, Monolith Gaming
  • Notable European teams eliminated: Heroic, Team Kinguin, Virtus Pro, Team LDLC

The Asia and Americas Minor Championships — Jan. 22 to 26

Renegades (Oceania)INTZ Esports (SA)
Grayhound Gaming (Oceania)Imperial Esports (SA)
ViCi Gaming (China)NRG Esports (NA)
CyberZen (China)Team Envy (NA)
MVP PK (East Asia)eUnited (NA)
GOSU (East Asia)Team One (NA)
Beyond Esports (Southeast Asia)Bravado Gaming (NA)
exDT (Middle East)Furia Esports (NA)
  • Notable Asian teams eliminated:
  • Notable American teams eliminated: Swole Patrol, Ghost Gaming, Old Guys Club, Luminosity Gaming, Mythic

This article will be updated as more teams qualify for the IEM Katowice Major and as more info is made available by ESL.