Redeye and Code Red facing allegations of abuse and blackmail

Both parties denied the allegations.

Photo via Paul Chaloner

Paul “Redeye” Chaloner and esports agency Code Red Esports are facing allegations of abuse of power and blackmail following the release of a document on Saturday written by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator James Banks. 

In the document, which was titled “The truth about Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner & Code Red,” Banks laid out a number of claims saying Redeye abused his power in the esports industry over the past few years. Banks further alleged that Luke Cotton from Code Red threatened and blackmailed Banks and others into remaining silent about Redeye’s abusive behavior.

The accusations against Code Red and RedEye

According to Banks, Redeye and Code Red have abused their power in esports for many years. The full document contains more details and documentation of each major allegation. 

The list of allegations includes claims that:

  • Redeye threatened Banks career after Banks protested Redeye moving him off the role which he had previously agreed to fill.
  • Redeye punched a member of staff at Gfinity who asked to remain anonymous.
  • Redeye engaged in verbal abuse and abuse of power on multiple occasions.
  • Code Red and Luke Cotton blackmailed Banks into remaining silent due to hateful comments Banks had made in the past.
  • Code Red and Luke Cotton threatened journalists and others who considered coming forward with public accusations against Redeye.

“No matter what, I felt this needed to be said,” Banks stated in his conclusion. “Redeye and Code Red have made attempts to damage my career, my life and are now taking me back to a dark place I don’t ever want to visit again.”

Code Red and Redeye deny allegations

In a response on Twitter, Redeye denied the majority of allegations made against him by Banks.

“I strenuously deny the majority of accusations made by James Banks and whilst I can be difficult to work with, I have never assaulted anyone,” Redeye wrote. “I will not be making any further comment until I have consulted with legal representation.”

Luke Cotton, the Commercial Director at Code Red, denied any wrongdoing in a post on Code Red’s Discord. Cotton claimed, “this is a part of a vendetta which Banks has against [Redeye].” 

Cotton went on to release a full statement later on Saturday. His statement included allegations that Banks had engaged in homophobic and anti-LGBTQ abuse and threats. Cotton admitted to using these remarks to threaten and blackmail Banks into silence, though Cotton denied threatening journalists or talent to prevent the publication of stories about Code Red.

Banks apology for his own comments

Banks concluded his post with an apology for the inappropriate comments, which had been used to blackmail him. 

“I completely understand and accept that my own past behavior is and was unacceptable,” Banks said. “However, with that said, I am not that same person I was 10 years ago and I was shown that I was wrong and needed to change by friends and family and I did [change].”

The allegations against Code Red and Redeye are the latest in a long string of accusations leveled at powerful esports and streaming personalities over the past couple of weeks. Most of those accusations have been about sexual misconduct, but some have also included claims of abuse of power as well.