Q&A with DAVEY from 3sUP CSGO

How would you describe your teams playstyle? I would describe my team’s playstyle as a good hybrid between aggressive and passive.


  • How would you describe your teams playstyle?

 I would describe my team’s playstyle as a good hybrid between aggressive and passive. We can adjust our speed accordingly but we tend to have better results when we’re being aggressive and in the other teams face.

  • Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Not really; we usually try to get a scrim or two in before matches. If we can’t do that then we just deathmatch on our own and listen to some music, just to get warmed up.

  • What is your take on the prize money coming into CS:GO?

I think it’s great and it attracts orgs from other games that previously would not have been interested in CSGO. It’s also obviously a huge boost for the players as the extra prize money alongside the new orgs coming into the scene allows for more players to play full time.

  • Where do you rank yourselves among the North American teams?

I personally feel like we are in the top 8 right now. Having practiced against c9 and keyd who I consider to be the top 2, we’ve had very promising results and wins over them in practice so we know we have the ability to beat them. We’ve already managed to beat teams like CLG, Nihilum, and Team Liquid. We know we can compete amongst the top teams in NA.

  • How often do you practice? What do you generally go over?

We practice every day of the week except for Fridays and Saturdays and depending on what our schedule is like for the upcoming week, we will practice on a Friday or Saturday too. We will go over all the smokes we need to know, what our default is going to be, what our executes are going to be like, who is responsible for what, and when it’s a good idea to try to make a play on your own.

  • Tell me about some of the things you do when you’re not playing CS?

Well when I’m not on my PC, I like to play soccer and hockey a few times a week. I spend time with my girlfriend, and that’s pretty much it. I’m not very exciting.

  • As a unit what do you feel that the upsets over Team Liquid, CLG, and Nihilum say about you guys as a team?

We compete against these teams daily in practice and now thankfully it has been transitioning to our matches. They’re all very good teams and we’re pleased we got the better of them on those days. I think that just shows the effort and commitment we have been putting into practice.

  • Tell me about the process of navigating through offers from gaming organizations? What is the team’s mentality during these meetings? Obviously money talks, but what other factors weigh into a decision like this?

Well obviously the value of what the organization is offering us is talked about. However, the reputation of the org actually weighs in a lot on our decision. What have their past teams been like, how have they treated their past players, are they going to be financially able to support the offer they’re making us? All of these things come into play. At the end of the day we just want to be with the right group of people.

  • Why do you think america places so poorly at international events?

I would have say they place poorly at international events because of our practice schedule here. We have like 7-8 teams we would want to practice against at any given time. Some of those teams have matches, some are already playing against each other, and some don’t need to play the map we want to play yet. It makes practicing really hard. Often you have to settle playing against teams you don’t really want to practice against. Whereas the europeans have a lot more high level teams to play against. I think if NA had a better practice regiment, as well as longer/more practice that they would be able to compete like we used to. I also think it’s important that we don’t try to beat the Europeans at their own game. Don’t try to replicate how they play and be better than them at it. Play our own style.

  • Do you have anything to say to any aspiring competitive players?

Just keep playing and make sure you’re having fun with the game.