PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage round 2 matchups set

We have got exciting matchups for the entire day.

Image via PGL

The opening round of the PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage has ended after Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated FURIA and MOUZ, respectively. The day isn’t over, though, and the second round will kick off at 10:50am CT.

G2 will play FaZe in the first 1-0 pool match on the main stream of the event, while Copenhagen Flames and Evil Geniuses face off for the first 0-1 pool match on the secondary stream. The final matches of the day will take place at 2:35pm CT and will see NiP face Astralis in what will be Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’s first encounter against his former teammates, whilst FURIA and MOUZ play to avoid the 0-2 record.

The first round of PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage didn’t have any major upsets. Every favorite team except from Team Liquid and Vitality—defeated by Entropiq and Virtus Pro, respectively—secured their win. The most anticipated match of the round was Heroic vs. Natus Vincere, and the latter won it thanks to their efficiency in clutch rounds.

The round two matches will still be all best-of-one series, with only the elimination or advancement matches using best-of-threes. PGL is using a Swiss-system format in which each team need to win three games to book a playoff spot or lose three to be sent home.

Here are all the PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage round two matchups.

Round two (1-0 pool)

  • 10:50am CT: G2 vs. FaZe
  • 12:05pm CT: Gambit vs. Entropiq
  • 1:20pm CT: Na`Vi vs. VP
  • 2:35pm CT: Astralis vs. NiP

Round two (0-1 pool)

  • 10:50am CT: Copenhagen Flames vs. EG
  • 12:05pm CT: Liquid vs. ENCE
  • 1:20pm CT: Heroic vs. Vitality
  • 2:35pm CT: FURIA vs. MOUZ