OpTic Gaming owner ‘pleaded’ with Stanislaw not to leave the team

The player has joined Liquid, leaving the Green Wall behind.

Screengrab via OpticNation/YouTube

After Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz shocked his team mates by leaving OpTic Gaming’s Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster for Team Liquid, OpTic owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has revealed the lengths he went to to try and retain the player.

In a new episode of OpTic Gaming’s YouTube series Vision, the same series where Stanislaw’s departure was announced, H3CZ opened up on the player’s departure—and his anger at the timing of the player’s decision.

“I was upset,” H3CZ said. “I didn’t want to get on camera and say something I didn’t want to say…the whole time I’m feeling like shit, because I’m trying my hardest not to let the team down.

“I spent 45 minutes pleading with him, there was no getting to him. Then I heard that he wasn’t talking to Rush, he wasn’t reaching out to Óscar [Mixwell], Oscar said he didn’t even talk to him at all…they are left with their dicks in their hands going into DreamHack. We now have to practice with a fill-in, a tryout, and see where we go from there.”

Stanislaw was a founding member of the OpTic CSGO team last January, before being dropped in August. After a month he was restored to the lineup following the departure of Damian “daps” Steele.

Now Stanislaw has left the team for Team Liquid to become their new in-game leader. Team Liquid have yet to reveal who he will be replacing, but it is expected to be Spencer “Hiko” Martin. A Slingshot Esports report earlier in the week suggested Hiko would be heading to OpTic to replace Stanislaw.