NiP reportedly paid around $1 million to acquire Dev1ce from Astralis

NiP has pulled off one of the biggest transfers in CS:GO history.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

The competitive CS:GO world was shaken up today following the huge news that Astralis’ veteran superstar Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz is headed over to Ninjas in Pyjamas. But picking up one of the greatest players of all time must have cost a pretty penny.

NiP spent $1 million (6.5 million Danish krone) in the deal to acquire dev1ce, according to a report by This is also reportedly twice as much as the amount that the team got for former AWPer Patrick “es3tag” Hansen.

If the report is accurate, this deal would be among some of the most expensive transfers in CS:GO history. Granted, Dev1ce is one of the best players of all time. He’s also spent over five years with Astralis, where he experienced some of the greatest peaks of any player.

The 25-year-old veteran won countless tournaments with the organization, including a destructive run through 2018. The team won numerous events that year, from the 2018 ELEAGUE Premier to the FACEIT London Major, IEM Chicago, and the ESL Pro League Finals. They eventually took home the coveted Intel Grand Slam for winning four Majors in the year.

Astralis’ director of sports Kasper Hvidt also said in a statement to HLTV that the team “could have insisted on keeping [dev1ce] until his contract expires in December, but when someone who has served the team the way he has, we will do our utmost to find a solution that satisfies both parties.”

With this move, NiP adds a ton of experience and firepower to a CS:GO roster consisting of Plopski, REZ, ztr, and in-game leader Hampus. Now, fans will get to watch as dev1ce propels his new home to new heights in 2021.

You can catch dev1ce in action with his new team when they head into battle for Flashpoint Three on Monday, May 10.