MSL: ‘I have decided to create my own team’

The Danish tactician has found all the players and they're searching for an organization.

OpTic in talks to sign MSL, Niko
Photo via DreamHack

Former North in-game leader Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen has put together a new squad and is looking for an organization to bank the project.

“I have decided to create my own team,” MSL said on Twitter today. “I have found all the players and it’s a good mixture of talent and experience. We are searching an organization with high ambitions! If you are interested, contact me here on Twitter or on email for more info.”

The 26-year-old skipper didn’t reveal the other pieces of the new team, but he’ll likely do so in the coming weeks. The summer player break will end on Aug. 15 and his new team will likely start playing in all sorts of open qualifiers. There are a few Danish players in free agency like MSL as well, including Philip “aizy” Aistrup and Frederik “Fessor” Sørensen, who were last seen playing under the tag HYENAS, which disbanded earlier this month.

MSL has been waiting for a new opportunity in free agency since February 2021, a few days after North ceased its CS:GO operations. He’s one of the most decorated in-game leaders in Denmark and was, at one time, considered one of the best CS:GO tacticians. The 26-year-old helped North to win some tournaments, most notably the DreamHack Masters Stockholm in September 2018 over Astralis, in which he was also elected the MVP.

During his time in free agency, MSL started creating educational CS:GO content for his YouTube channel. But he said during HLTV’s podcast in April that he wanted to find a new team by the player break because he doesn’t feel that it’s good to be away from competition for more than seven or eight months.