MAD Lions win Flashpoint season one after MIBR drop the ball on Train

MAD Lions pulled off an unimaginable comeback to win the championship.

Image via Flashpoint

MIBR could have broken their streak of failing to secure a title today at Flashpoint season one, but the Brazilian CS:GO team was denied the opportunity by MAD Lions.

The Danish squad was down 12-3 on Train after MIBR crushed them in the first half. But MAD Lions somehow found incredible rounds to comeback and take the championship and $500,000 in prize money.

All of the maps were heavily balanced. MIBR won Mirage 16-13 but MAD Lions kept themselves alive in the series by winning Inferno by the same score of 16-13. Although the tournament was played online, you could feel the intensity building on the server after every clutch or decisive round.

On Train, there were at least two rounds that MIBR should have won, which would either break MAD Lions’ economy or make them take a weak buy. On the first, MIBR went for the default plant at the B bombsite and all of their players rushed farther or remained lurking, leaving the bomb open for MAD Lions’ miraculous defuse.

But the round that will hurt MIBR’s captain FalleN and the Brazilian crowd the most is the 22nd. FalleN had the perfect opportunity to stop the defuse but missed a couple of crucial shots and killed Rasmus “sjuush” Beck only after he had defused the bomb.

This event acted as a huge opportunity for MIBR to become a feared CS:GO team again—although there weren’t too many great teams at Flashpoint season one. “My mistakes on the final maps, cost us the victory in the grand finals,” FalleN later said on Twitter.

As for MAD Lions, they were resilient enough to level up their game after being bashed on the first half of Train. Their in-game leader Asger “AcilioN” Larsen played a huge role in the grand finals and finished with 66 kills and 30 frags on the last map.

Many fans and analysts doubted MAD Lions after they dropped Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen to bring AcilioN in March. But the 23-year-old is proving that he can lead and become a star player when his teammates need him the most.

Today’s game serves as a great end to Flashpoint season one, which arrived in the scene this year to compete with other CS:GO leagues such as ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier.