MAD Lions defeat HAVU, qualify for Flashpoint season one grand finals

The Danish team will fight for the title against MIBR tomorrow.

Photo via DreamHack

The first season of Flashpoint is coming to an end.

MAD Lions defeated HAVU 2-0 today at Flashpoint’s consolidation final. The Danish CS:GO team will now have the chance to face off against MIBR, who defeated them 2-1 at the upper bracket final.

HAVU had been the dark horse in Flashpoint season one. The Finnish side eliminated two higher ranked teams, Cloud9 and Gen.G, who are also founding members of the new CS:GO league. HAVU gained the slot after BIG withdrew to play ESL Pro League season 11.

HAVU put on one more good fight today, at least on the first map of the series, Dust II. They had a strong T-side, which almost allowed them to comeback and take the map. MAD Lions’ in-game leader Asger “AcilioN” Larsen won a crucial round for his team after he got three quick M4A4 kills to prevent HAVU from tying the match.

On Mirage, however, MAD Lions outplayed HAVU from the start. The Danes won 10 rounds on their T-side and quickly closed the match by winning all six CT rounds they played.

Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck are the ones carrying MAD Lions throughout the tournament—statistically speaking. But the MVP of the consolidation final was AcilioN, with 44 frags and just 22 deaths.

MIBR and MAD Lions will play the Flashpoint season one’s grand final tomorrow at 2pm CT. It has the potential to be a great decider for Flashpoint and there’s plenty of prize money up for grabs with the champion taking home $500,000.