Krieg usage decreased at ECS season 8 finals

Is CS:GO's meta changing?

Screengrab via FACEIT

The ECS season eight finals is the first big CS:GO LAN tournament being played under the game’s latest update, which raised the price of the Krieg, the popular scoped rifle available for the T-side.

The AK-47 is the most-used weapon so far at the ECS season eight finals, according to HLTV. The rifle has been used 23.39 percent of the time. The AK-47 is followed by the M4A4, which sits at 22.16 percent. The Krieg, on the other hand, is being used less frequently than before at 18.6 percent.

In comparison to IEM Beijing, which was played earlier in November—and therefore before the patch that nerfed the Krieg—the weapon’s usage has significantly decreased. The Krieg was used 32.83 percent of the time at IEM Beijing and the AK-47 registered 13.81 percent, its lowest usage in CS:GO history.

Of course, ECS will be played throughout the weekend, but these are relevant numbers to Valve, which chose to not modify the gun’s accuracy or rate of fire, for example. The devs are expecting the gun to be less used just because its price has raised from $2,750 to $3,000.

Some of the pros think that this nerf won’t be enough, though. Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, Astralis’ in-game leader said he isn’t sure that the price increase is a big enough change to the Krieg.

Some players don’t want to see the Krieg suffer the same fate as the AUG, however. The AUG, a gun similar to the Krieg and once a popular option for the CT-side, lost popularity after Valve nerfed it in June.