KennyS get an AK-47 ace in CS:GO matchmaking

KennyS did his best ScreaM impression.

Photo via DreamHack

Kenny “kennyS” Schrub’s aim is still impeccable even though he’s been sitting on G2’s bench for over two months.

The French star has been keeping up with his individual level by playing CS:GO matchmaking and FACEIT matches since he was replaced by Audric “JaCkz” Jug in early March. In this highlight, kennyS was in a two-vs-five situation when he entered Mirage’s B bombsite from the apartments with the AK-47 in his hands. He got a headshot on one player in default and sprayed another in window to give his squad a chance to win the round.

Then, one of his teammates asked him to attempt some one-taps and the Major winner didn’t let him down. KennyS killed the remaining three CTs who were in the market with two one-taps and a burst, spending only 18 bullets in total to frag five players.

This highlight shows that even main AWPers can take down just about any casual player in matchmaking independently regardless of whether they’re playing with the “Big Green.” Almost all of kennyS’ kills were crisp, which just shows how good pros are in nail-bitting situations. That play pretty much sealed the game for the Major winner and his teammates, too, since the CTs didn’t have enough economy to buy the best equipment in the last two rounds of the match.

If you want to know how kennyS warms up before playing and perhaps learn a trick or two that will help in your CS:GO games, you can watch his latest video on YouTube.