Jump bug prevents fall damage in CS:GO

Players can make incredible jumps using the exploit.

Image via Valve

Crouch jumping and b-hoping are essential parts of movement in CS:GO. These techniques allow players to navigate the map faster and reach higher locations without a boost. But a recently discovered jump bug provides additional benefits by negating all fall damage and increasing jump distance.

BananaGaming posted a video explaining the new bug and how it can be used in game. When a player jumps from a high location, they will take a certain amount of fall damage based on the fall distance. The jump bug allows players to perform a second jump just before landing that negates all damage and maintains momentum and speed. If a player can time the release of the crouch button and perform a new jump properly, they can perform a much longer jump that can help navigate a map.

In the video, BananaGaming shows how the jump bug can be used to clear the mid lane on Mirage, which is not possible without the exploit. He also showed himself dropping from heaven on Nuke and negating all damage. The bug can be used in several scenarios to provide an unintentional advantage for the user.

The bug has been present in the game for awhile, according to players in the comment section. Some players stated they use the bug when b-hoping but did not know it negated fall damage. Another player said they have 5,000 hours in CS:GO but did not know the bug existed.

The new video has brought a lot of attention to the jump which may cause it to be fixed in a future update. Fans can still practice and use the bug for now to gain an advantage in competitive matches.