IEM Dallas 2022: Scores, standings, and results

It's time for another great Counter-Strike tournament.

Photo via PGL

Sixteen of some of the best CS:GO teams in the world will play at IEM Dallas, the first S-tier tournament following PGL Antwerp Major. The $250,000 tournament will run from May 30 to June 6 and the champion will take home $100,000.

IEM Dallas has split the 16 teams into two groups of eight. The group stage uses a double-elimination format structure, which will see the top three teams from each group advance to the playoffs. All opening matches in the group stage will be best-of-one series, while the rest of the matches will be best-of-three.

The playoffs, on the other hand, will place the teams in a single-elimination bracket. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be best-of-three series, and the grand finals will be played as a best-of-five series. IEM Dallas will be played at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and a live crowd will follow the matches in the playoffs from June 3 to 5.

Here are the scores, standings, and results for each match at IEM Dallas, including the group stage and the playoffs.

Playoffs bracket

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Playoffs schedule and results

All times are listed in CT and subject to delays.

Sunday, June 5

  • 11am: Cloud9 3-0 ENCE (C9 16-12 on Mirage, C9 16-11 on Overpass, C9 16-3 on Ancient)

Saturday, June 4

  • 11am: ENCE 2-0 FURIA (ENCE 16-14 on Vertigo, ENCE 16-9 on Nuke)
  • 2:30pm: Cloud9 2-1 BIG (BIG 16-14 on Overpass, C9 16-9 on Dust II, C9 16-3 on Ancient)

Friday, June 3

  • 1pm: FURIA 2-1 G2 (G2 16-13 on Inferno, FURIA 19-17 on Vertigo, FURIA 16-5 on Mirage)
  • 4:30pm: Cloud9 2-1 FaZE (FaZe 16-14 on Overpass, Cloud9 16-13 on Inferno, Cloud9 16-13 on Mirage)

Group stage standings

Group A

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Group B

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Group stage results

All times are listed in CT and subject to delays.

Wednesday, June 1

  • 11am: Cloud9 2-0 NiP (Cloud9 19-16 on Vertigo, Cloud9 16-5 on Overpass)
  • 11am: Liquid 2-0 MIBR (Liquid 16-12 on Ancient, Liquid 16-9 on Inferno)
  • 2:30pm: ENCE 2-1 FaZe (FaZe 16-12 on Mirage, ENCE 16-12 Ancient, ENCE 16-8 on Nuke)
  • 2:30pm: G2 2-0 Vitality (G2 16-7 on Dust II, G2 16-14 on Inferno)
  • 6pm: BIG 2-1 FURIA (BIG 16-8 on Nuke, FURIA 16-10 on Vertigo, BIG 16-10 on Mirage)
  • 6pm: Cloud9 2-0 Liquid (Cloud9 16-5 on Ancient, Cloud9 16-12 Vertigo)

Tuesday, May 31

  • 11am: Liquid 2-0 Imperial (Liquid 16-9 on Overpass, Liquid 16-9 on Vertigo)
  • 11am: NiP 2-0 Complexity (NiP 16-9 on Vertigo, NiP 16-13 on Overpass)
  • 2:30pm: FURIA 2-0 Cloud9 (FURIA 16-9 on Vertigo, FURIA 16-13 on Mirage)
  • 2:30pm: Vitality 2-0 MOUZ (Vitality 16-14 on Inferno, Vitality 16-7 on Mirage)
  • 6pm: BIG 2-0 MIBR (BIG 22-18 on Mirage, BIG 16-4 on Nuke)
  • 6pm: G2 2-1 Astralis (G2 16-5 on Nuke, Astralis 16-10 on Dust2, G2 16-10 on Mirage)

Monday, May 30

  • 11am: G2 16-5 Movistar Riders (Nuke)
  • 11am: ENCE 16-9 (Nuke)
  • 12:10pm: FaZe 16-5 Encore (Dust II)
  • 12:10pm: Vitality 16-12 Astralis (Vertigo)
  • 1:20pm: FURIA 16-9 Imperial (Mirage)
  • 1:20pm: Cloud9 16-6 Liquid (Vertigo)
  • 2:30pm: BIG 16-10 NiP (Ancient)
  • 2:30pm: MIBR 16-4 Complexity (Nuke)
  • 3:40pm: ENCE 2-0 G2 (ENCE 16-14 on Dust2, ENCE 16-14 on Nuke)
  • 3:40pm: MOUZ 2-0 Movistar Riders (MOUZ 16-9 on Ancient, MOUZ 16-10 on Mirage)
  • 7:10pm: Astralis 2-0 ENCORE (Astralis 16-3 on Vertigo, Astralis 16-9 on Nuke)
  • 7:10pm: FaZe 2-0 Vitality (FaZe 16-11 on Dust2, FaZe 16-10 on Nuke)