How to watch Gamers Without Borders’ $2 million charity CS:GO tournament

The competition is heating up.

Image via Gamers Without Borders

Six of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world are going head-to-head today all in the name of charity.

Gamers Without Borders unveiled a $10 million esports initiative last week, aimed at uniting gamers in the fight against COVID-19. Hosted by the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Esports and produced by ESL, the event features a wide variety of games from Dota 2 to Counter-Strike.

A total of $2 million is on the line in today’s CS:GO event. FaZe Clan, Fnatic, G2 Esports, mousesports, Natus Vincere, and OG are competing for a charity of their choice.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including the format, teams, bracket, schedule, and streaming options.


  • Single-elimination playoff bracket.
  • The quarterfinals and semifinals will be played out in best-of-threes.
  • The grand finals will be best-of-five.
  • All games are MR12 (max rounds 12, per half).

Teams and players

FaZe Clan

  • rain
  • NiKo
  • coldzera
  • broky
  • Bymas
  • Coach: YNk


  • JW
  • Brollan
  • flusha
  • Golden
  • Coach: Samuelsson

G2 Esports

  • kennyS
  • JaCkz
  • AmaNEk
  • nexa
  • huNter-
  • Coach: maLeK


  • chrisJ
  • ropz
  • karrigan
  • woxic
  • frozen
  • Coach: Rejin

Natus Vincere

  • flamie
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • Perfecto
  • Coach: B1ad3


  • NBK-
  • Aleksib
  • valde
  • mantuu
  • Coach: ruggah


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Gamers Without Borders kicks off today with the quarterfinals. G2 Esports and FaZe Clan will face off on one side of the bracket, while Fnatic play against OG on the other.

The winners of each match will advance to the next stage of the competition on Saturday. The grand finals will conclude on Sunday.

Friday, May 29

  • 11am CT – Quarterfinal one
  • 2pm CT – Quarterfinal two

Saturday, May 30

  • 11am CT – Semifinal one
  • 12pm CT – Semifinal two
  • 3pm CT – NA showmatch

Sunday, May 31

  • 12pm CT – Grand final

Where to watch

The best place to watch the tournament is Gamers Without Borders’ official Twitch broadcast. But if you want a change of pace, you can catch the event on YouTube or Facebook.