How to watch Flashpoint season 2

Some of the best CS:GO teams in the world will be playing in this $1 million tournament.

Image via Flashpoint

The second season of Flashpoint, a league run by CS:GO teams, will kick off tomorrow at 7am CT.

Flashpoint season two will be played online, with all 12 teams competing from Europe. The team list includes the champions of the first season, MAD Lions, and the other six teams that are Flashpoint partners: Cloud9, MIBR, Dignitas, c0ntact Gaming, Gen.G, and Envy. Flashpoint has invited Fnatic, OG, and BIG to complete the tournament and will also feature Virtus Pro and forZe, the two best teams from the closed qualifier.

Here’s everything you need to know about Flashpoint season two.


All of the matches will be broadcast on Flashpoint’s Twitch channel. There won’t be simultaneous series, so you won’t miss any of the action.


Flashpoint has split the 12 teams in three double-elimination GSL groups of four. The winner and runners-up of each group will go straight into the playoffs. All of the third-placed teams will proceed to the Last Chance stage and will be joined by the best fourth-placed team from the group stage.

The Last Chance stage will use a single-elimination bracket and the two best teams will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs, on the other hand, will feature a double-elimination bracket. All of the Flashpoint season two matches will be played as best-of-three series, including the grand finals.

The competition has a $1 million prize pool, with $500,000 being awarded to the champion.


Group A


  • flusha
  • JW
  • Golden
  • Brollan
  • Coach: Samuelsson

MAD Lions

  • acoR
  • sjuush
  • roeJ
  • refrezh
  • HooXi
  • Coach: peacemaker


  • EspiranTo
  • ottoNd
  • Snappi
  • Spinx
  • rigoN
  • Coach: NeiL_M


  • f0rest
  • friberg
  • hallzerk
  • Heap
  • H4RR3
  • Coach: vENdetta

Group B


  • tabseN
  • syrsoN
  • k1to
  • tiziaN
  • Coach: tow b


  • FL1T
  • facecrack
  • Jerry
  • almazer
  • xsepower
  • Coach: lmbt


  • kNgV-
  • trk
  • LUCAS1
  • vsm
  • leo_drk
  • Coach: cogu


  • Nifty
  • Calyx
  • Thomas
  • Coach: kuben

Group C


  • valde
  • Aleksib
  • NBK-
  • mantuu


  • woxic
  • es3tag
  • ALEX
  • floppy
  • mezii
  • Coach: kassad

Virtus Pro

  • Jame
  • qikert
  • buster
  • Coach: dastan


  • autimatic
  • koosta
  • BnTeT
  • Xizt
  • kreaz
  • Coach: Elmapuddy


Tuesday, Nov. 10

  • 7am CT: Envy vs. forZe
  • 10am CT: BIG vs. MIBR

Wednesday, Nov. 11

  • 7am CT: MAD Lions vs. Dignitas
  • 10am CT: Fnatic vs. c0ntact

Thursday, Nov. 12

  • 7am CT: Cloud9 vs. Virtus Pro
  • 10am CT: OG vs. Gen.G

Friday, Nov. 13

  • 7am CT: Group B upper bracket final
  • 10am CT: Group B lower bracket first round

Saturday, Nov. 14

  • 7am CT: Group A upper bracket final
  • 10am CT: Group A lower bracket first round

Sunday, Nov. 15

  • 7am CT: Group C upper bracket final
  • 10am CT: Group C lower bracket first round

Thursday, Nov. 19

  • 7am CT: Group A consolidation final
  • 10am CT: Group B consolidation final

Friday, Nov. 20

  • 7am CT: Group C consolidation final
  • 10am CT: Group A final

Saturday, Nov. 21

  • 7am CT: Group B final
  • 10am CT: Group C final

Sunday, Nov. 22

  • 7am CT: Last Chance first series
  • 10am CT: Last Chance second series