How to mute players in CS:GO

Rush B?

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike matchmaking is a toxic environment at the best of times. Slip up, make a mistake, misjudge a smoke, or fail to clutch and your teammates are ready to flame you. 

The chances of finding four like-minded players are slim, but that’s what you sign up for when you play solo. In a situation like this, you can either stay on your team’s good side, stop communicating, or mute.

Ideally, your teammates would cooperate and your tip-top voice comms would lead to a quick and easy win. But, sometimes, the only option is to mute.

How do you mute your teammates? There are a few possible options. If you need some peace and quiet and want to mute every single member of your team, open up your console by pressing the tilde key (`), type /mute all, and press enter. 

If there’s one particular player who’s getting on your nerves, causing havoc, and distracting you, simply open the scoreboard by pressing the tab key, hold down right-click, and left-click on your teammate’s name. Once you’ve selected your teammate, choose Block Communications. 

After five or 10 minutes, your annoying teammate has probably calmed down a little. If you dare, you can unmute them by doing the reverse. Or you can open up the console and type /mute all again.