How to get CS:GO’s 10 Year Birthday coin

All it takes is a few games.

Photo via Valve

CS:GO’s 10th birthday update brought a couple of new things to the game, with the 10 Year Birthday coin being one of them.

The update features a 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule, which has over 60 community-submitted designs. The capsule is now available in the game’s shop for players to purchase.

Valve has also brought in a revamped version of Tuscan to the matchmaking mode, one of the classic Counter-Strike maps. Players have been asking the devs to add the map for some time now.

But what about CS:GO’s new 10 Year Birthday coin and how exactly do you get it?

How to get CS:GO’s 10 Year Birthday coin

Image via Valve

The coin is easily obtainable, and players luckily don’t have to hustle to get their hands on it. The only real requirement is Prime Status.

To obtain the coin, players have to level up in the game. This can be done in various ways, including playing matchmaking, casual, or wingman matches. All of the modes offer experience, which is required to level up.

Once players reach the next level, they’ll receive the 10 Year Birthday coin in their inventory. It’s, however, obtainable for a limited time only. Players will have until Aug. 22 to claim the shiny coin.