Here are the patch notes for CS:GO’s July 27 update

The devs have made some changes to Wingman map Calavera.

Image via Valve

A new CS:GO update has hit the live servers yesterday at 7:50pm CT, mainly addressing changes to Calavera, a community Wingman map that was added permanently to the game at the end of Operation Broken Fang this year, the FPS’ latest operation.

Valve made three changes in total concerning the map. The devs added more contrast to the door texture to make it stand out more and thanked CS:GO YouTuber TheWarOwl for pointing it out. They also moved the ladder at T-stairs slightly to make going up more smooth than before.

The last change to Calavera is one that the devs said “no one will even notice or care about”, but they applied various fixes to pixel gaps and clipping on the Wingman map. Aside from the updates on Calavera, Valve has made some stability improvements to CS:GO.

It’s a small update with an approximate size of 115 MB. It didn’t apply any changes to Ancient, a map that has been available on the Active Duty map pool since early May and debuted on the professional circuit at IEM Summer in early June.

Many pros and part of the community are expecting adjustments to be made on Ancient during the summer player break, which will last until Aug. 15, one day before the ESL Pro League Season 14 starts, but it’s unclear at this point if Valve will make a significant change to the new competitive map.