Here are all of the Fracture Collection CS:GO skins

Bring on the skins.

A new and shiny Counter-Strike weapon case arrived last night after five months of waiting.

The Fracture Collection includes 17 community-created skins, each with a unique look and theme. This time around, though, there are no new knife skins. But the Shattered Web Knives from CS:GO’s previous weapon collection will be included as rare special items.

For Steam community market prices on all of the new skins, you can check out the Fractured case on CS:GO stash.

Here’s the full list of skins, with all of their rarities and names.

Covert (Reds)

  • AK-47 | Legion of Anubis
  • Desert Eagle |Printstream

Classified (Pinks)

  • M4A4 | Tooth Fairy
  • Glock-18 | Vogue

Restricted (Purples)

  • XM1014 | Emtombed
  • Galil AR | Connexion
  • Tec-9 | Brother
  • M95-SD | Kitbash
  • MAC-10 | Allure
  • MAG-7 | Monster Call

Mil-Spec (Blues)

  • SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty
  • PP-Bizon | Runic
  • P90 | Freight
  • SSG 08 | Mainframe 001
  • P2000 | Gnarled
  • Negev | Ultralight
  • P250 | Cassette