12 January 2017 - 21:31

Group A Remains Close after Day 1 of the WESG 2017 World Finals

Recapping the jam packed first day of WESG 2017.
CS:GO Analyst

The first stint of group stage play in China for WESG has finished, with 24 games being played on simultaneous streams over the course of a whole day. All of the games have been best-of-two matches, with another day of groups still to come. A summary of the games played and group standings can be found below.

Group A

.Russia and Virtus.pro tie 1-1 with .Russia winning Mirage 16-5 and Virtus.pro winning Cache 16-3

EnVyUs beats SubtLe 2-0 winning Mirage 16-7 and Cahce 16-9

Epsilon beats Team One 2-0 winning Overpass 16-3 and Dust II 16-10

.Russia beats Team One 2-0 winning Dust II 16-8 and Cobblestone 16-9

Virtus.pro beats SubtLe 2-0 winning Cobblestone 19-16 and Mirage 16-8

Epsilon and EnVyUs tie 1-1 with Epsilon winning Cobblestone 19-16 and EnVyUs winning Cache 16-4

Group B

VAULT beats ENZO 2-0 winning Overpass 16-10 and Train 16-7

k23 and rEAK tie 1-1 with rEAK winning Mirage 16-10 and k23 winning Cache 16-12

iGame beats Vici Gaming 2-0 winning Train 16-1 and Cobblestone 19-17

Vici Gaming beats k23 winning Dust II 16-7 and Cache 22-19

iGame beats VAULT winning Cache 16-13 and Dust II 16-11

rEAK and ENZO tie 1-1 with rEAK winning Mirage 16-9 and ENZO winning 16-13

Group C

Team Kinguin beats FIVE eSports 2-0 winning Mirage 16-1 and Overpass 16-2

Space Soldiers beats Signature Gaming 2-0 winning Train 16-8 and Cache 16-7

Signature Gaming and Bravado Gaming ties 1-1 with Bravado winning Train 16-14 and Signature Gaming winning Mirage 16-3

Space Soldiers and Team Kinguin ties 1-1 with Space Soldiers winning Cobblestone 16-8 and Train 16-3

Signature Gaming beats FIVE eSports 2-0 winning Train 16-10 and Mirage 16-5

Space Soldiers beats Bravado 2-0 winning Train 16-10 and Cache 16-11

Group D

Selfless and Tyloo Gaming tie 1-1 with Tyloo winning Mirage 16-1 and Selfless winning Cache 16-4

Dark Passage beat Team Quetzal 2-0 winning Cache 16-5 and Cobblestone 16-5

JYP Gaming and .Ukraine ties 1-1 with .Ukraine winning Mirage 16-10 and JYP winning Train 16-10

Selfless beat JYP Gaming 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-6 and Mirage 16-9

Tyloo beats Team Quetzal 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-12 and Overpass 16-8

Dark Passage beat .Ukraine 2-0 winning Overpass 16-10 and Cache 16-10

Selfless beat .Ukraine 2-0 winning Mirage 16-12 and Dust II 16-7

Dark Passage and Tyloo tie 1-1 with Dark Passage winning Cobblestone 16-13 and Tyloo winning Overpass 19-16

JYP Gaming and Team Quetzal tie 1-1 with Quetzal winning Mirage 19-17 and JYP winning Dust II 16-4

The Group of Death (Group A) still remains close, with all of the top contenders tied up 1-1 in series. Tomorrow will be the tipping point to see who will get a chance at the $1.5 million prize pool.

Written by Max Melit - who can be found on Twitter @max_melit or via email maxmelit@outlook.com 

Photo credits: ESL

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