Group A Remains Close after Day 1 of the WESG 2017 World Finals

Recapping the jam packed first day of WESG 2017.

The first stint of group stage play in China for WESG has finished, with 24 games being played on simultaneous streams over the course of a whole day. All of the games have been best-of-two matches, with another day of groups still to come. A summary of the games played and group standings can be found below.

Group A

.Russia and tie 1-1 with .Russia winning Mirage 16-5 and winning Cache 16-3

EnVyUs beats SubtLe 2-0 winning Mirage 16-7 and Cahce 16-9

Epsilon beats Team One 2-0 winning Overpass 16-3 and Dust II 16-10

.Russia beats Team One 2-0 winning Dust II 16-8 and Cobblestone 16-9 beats SubtLe 2-0 winning Cobblestone 19-16 and Mirage 16-8

Epsilon and EnVyUs tie 1-1 with Epsilon winning Cobblestone 19-16 and EnVyUs winning Cache 16-4

Group B

VAULT beats ENZO 2-0 winning Overpass 16-10 and Train 16-7

k23 and rEAK tie 1-1 with rEAK winning Mirage 16-10 and k23 winning Cache 16-12

iGame beats Vici Gaming 2-0 winning Train 16-1 and Cobblestone 19-17

Vici Gaming beats k23 winning Dust II 16-7 and Cache 22-19

iGame beats VAULT winning Cache 16-13 and Dust II 16-11

rEAK and ENZO tie 1-1 with rEAK winning Mirage 16-9 and ENZO winning 16-13

Group C

Team Kinguin beats FIVE eSports 2-0 winning Mirage 16-1 and Overpass 16-2

Space Soldiers beats Signature Gaming 2-0 winning Train 16-8 and Cache 16-7

Signature Gaming and Bravado Gaming ties 1-1 with Bravado winning Train 16-14 and Signature Gaming winning Mirage 16-3

Space Soldiers and Team Kinguin ties 1-1 with Space Soldiers winning Cobblestone 16-8 and Train 16-3

Signature Gaming beats FIVE eSports 2-0 winning Train 16-10 and Mirage 16-5

Space Soldiers beats Bravado 2-0 winning Train 16-10 and Cache 16-11

Group D

Selfless and Tyloo Gaming tie 1-1 with Tyloo winning Mirage 16-1 and Selfless winning Cache 16-4

Dark Passage beat Team Quetzal 2-0 winning Cache 16-5 and Cobblestone 16-5

JYP Gaming and .Ukraine ties 1-1 with .Ukraine winning Mirage 16-10 and JYP winning Train 16-10

Selfless beat JYP Gaming 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-6 and Mirage 16-9

Tyloo beats Team Quetzal 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-12 and Overpass 16-8

Dark Passage beat .Ukraine 2-0 winning Overpass 16-10 and Cache 16-10

Selfless beat .Ukraine 2-0 winning Mirage 16-12 and Dust II 16-7

Dark Passage and Tyloo tie 1-1 with Dark Passage winning Cobblestone 16-13 and Tyloo winning Overpass 19-16

JYP Gaming and Team Quetzal tie 1-1 with Quetzal winning Mirage 19-17 and JYP winning Dust II 16-4

The Group of Death (Group A) still remains close, with all of the top contenders tied up 1-1 in series. Tomorrow will be the tipping point to see who will get a chance at the $1.5 million prize pool.

Written by Max Melit – who can be found on Twitter @max_melit or via email [email protected] 

Photo credits: ESL