GOTV Gets PRE-ESL One Update: The Spectator Experience is Improved!

An update from Valve makes spectators able to hear casters in GOTV

On Friday August 8, Valve released an update ultimately aiming at improving the spectator’s experience. These modifications have been released for ESL One Cologne and now allow spectators the chance to be able to hear casters when watching in-game via GOTV, in official event matches.

Spectators have the choice to either listen to the casters or simply listen to the in-game audio, as well as having control of the spectator camera or to have the exact same experience as you would when watching on, allowing the casters to take control.

This is heading toward what the DOTA 2 community already has and has been long awaited by the Counter Strike community.

Official Patch Notes

  • Updated the Challenger ESL sticker.
  • Team MTS Gamegod Wolf updated their sticker.
  • Enabled the Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Cologne 2014 sticker to be used for the Cologne Pick’Em Challenge.
  • Spectators can now hear the caster via GOTV on official event matches and toggle a variety of options (from the scoreboard) that allows caster to control the local user spectator experience.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use an svcheats-protected sound mixer state on non-svcheats game servers.
  • Fixed upside-down label position on butterfly knife model.
  • Fixed the string “X saved Y by killing Z” showing X as Z for spectators.
  • When a camera switches between nearby players when spectating, it now interpolates (disable via game options menu).
  • The spectator panel no longer goes away when the scoreboard comes up, but the player health sub panel still does.
  • The HUD no longer goes away when the bomb explodes for spectators/gotv viewers.
  • The scoreboard mouse cursor now comes up automatically when you are an HLTV spectator.
  • Added panels to the spectator panel that will show a variety of information abour current matches during official events.


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