GORILLAZ intentionally die to Molotov to deny SMG kill reward for Sinners

Well, that was a quick eco round.

Image via Valve

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist’s CS:GO team GORILLAZ made a curious decision today on Overpass in a match against Sinners for the Elisa Invitational Fall.

GORILLAZ had just lost the second pistol of the game to Sinners and opted for a full eco so they could afford guns in the third round of the second half. Flusha and crew were going to Mid via the T Stairs when Sinners threw a fairly common Molotov that’s designed to either cause some cheap damage or prevent the Terrorists from getting to Mid fast. But instead of backing off or moving forward, GORILLAZ did the unexpected and sat still on the Molotov. Kevin “HS” Tarn was the only player who remained alive to tell the story, but he died a few seconds later to an SMG.

Since GORILLAZ lost the pistol round, they knew that some of the players on Sinners would have SMGs, a type of gun that gives a $600 kill reward, which is twice as much as the regular pistol, rifle, or grenade reward. By intentionally dying to the Molotov thrown by Sebastian “beastik” Daňo, they denied some potential SMG farm.

At the end of the round, Sinners won a total of $1,800 in kill rewards. They would have earned $3,000 if the players with SMGs grabbed all of the kills. Some may argue that trying to take out one or two guns from Sinners would be a better economic choice in the long run, but it’s hard to do damage when you’re just running five Glocks with no Kevlar anyway.

Sinners ended up winning Overpass 16-10, but GORILLAZ took the series 2-1.