GODSENT co-founder Pronax temporarily relieved of responsibilities “in relation to his mental health”

The 29-year-old won't have any operative involvement in the company for now.

Image via GODSENT

GODSENT CEO and co-founder Henrik Denebrandt revealed today that fellow founder Markus “pronax” Wallsten has been temporarily removed from all his duties to the team “in relation to his mental health.”

As a result, the former CS:GO pro won’t have any operative involvement with any of GODSENT’s teams or management. He’ll still remain a shareholder in the company, but that’s the extent of his connection with the team for now.

This decision came after Pronax released a series of concerning tweets over the weekend about his current situation. The 29-year-old said he needed help from a lawyer in Malmö, Sweden after his colleagues allegedly created lies about him. He also said a similar situation occurred last year.

A day later, Pronax said he suspected his colleagues were trying to exclude him from the company and that he’s been trying to get a spot on the GODSENT’s board of directors for around nine months to no avail. The company was allegedly supposed to add him to the board on Aug. 27 in Stockholm but kept giving him continuous excuses.


GODSENT hasn’t made a statement concerning Pronax’s accusations, but none of the information has been confirmed. Pronax did say that the team would release a “counter statement” if he continued tweeting about the situation, but that hasn’t happened just yet.

Pronax was a CS:GO pro for more than 10 years, spending time on teams like Fnatic where he helped lead the team to three Major championships through 2015. After he retired from pro play, the veteran eventually joined GODSENT’s organizational staff to manage its CS:GO team.