FURIA Esports signs CS:GO team to 5-year contract extensions

The contracts would presumably run through 2024.

Photo via MLG

In a surprising move, FURIA Esports has agreed to five-year contract extensions with its Counter-Strike team, the organization announced via Twitter.

The extensions seem to be in response to another organization trying to sign two of FURIA’s players, which FURIA claimed in a tweet earlier today. The Brazilian organization said it would provide an update for its fans at the end of the day.

Less than an hour after that initial tweet, though, FURIA announced the massive extensions, which would presumably keep the players under FURIA until 2024. And while FURIA seemed happy to keep the team together, many fans did not seem so pleased with the length of the contracts.

Such a long contract is quite rare in esports, considering teams often make roster changes frequently. And even FURIA, who has proven to be a good team, undoubtedly will have struggles that will make management rethink its extensive commitment to the players at some point.