11 December 2017 - 18:12

Former PENTA and Mousesports players join Sprout

The new team will be comprised mostly of German players.
Photo via DreamHack

Players from across the European continent have a new home, after being unsure of which organization they’d represent at the 2018 ELEAGUE Major Offline Qualifier.

Former PENTA Sports players Kevin “kRYSTAL” Amend, Jesse “zehN” Linajala, and Pawel “innocent” Mocek have joined a new German esports organization called Sprout. With them on the newly-formed roster are former Mousesports players Denis Howell and Timo “Spiidi” Richter.

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Mouz made several big changes this year, which involved fresh talent Robin “ropz” Kool and Miikkaa “suNny” Kemppi for the mixed European team. Spiidi was benched in favor of ropz in April, while denis was released from Mouz when suNny joined from PENTA.

When PENTA lost suNny to Mousesports, as well as Kevin “HS” Tarn to OpTic Gaming, their three-player roster left them out of international competition for months after the PGL Major in July, where they placed top-14. PENTA eventually decided to end the contracts of kRYSTAL, zehN, and innocent in October, and the trio went to another organization called Seed with Denis and Spiidi. Now the five-man lineup has signed with Sprout.

“After struggling to find our internal structure, we are now growing together as a team. We have waited for a long time and are now ready to show the world who we are,” Denis said in Sprout’s press release. “An important tournament is coming up in January 2018—the Major Qualifier. We want to once again get through the Qualifier and play in the Major, that is our goal.”

The Major Offline Qualifier will be from Jan. 12 to 15, when the new Sprout lineup will be in action for the first time since its formation.

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