How to play The Flying Scoutsman, CS:GO’s new war game

It’s not too hard to play–Scout’s honor.

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s newest game mode “The Flying Scoutsman” has been booming in popularity since release. Thank you, Operation Hydra.

The community-made War Game features three important caveats:

  • Only SSG08 and knife are available
  • Gravity is greatly reduced
  • Weapon accuracy is greatly increased

With this added ruleset, players are thrown into a casual matchmade setting with pre-picked maps, which change every day. The lobbies can become pretty hectic with the large numbers of scouts on one map, making it a load of fun for those who are trying to kill some time.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you dominate the server.

Stay grounded

The premise of the entire game mode is cool and all, but jumping in open areas makes you an easy target for enemies. Not taking damage becomes important when your team numbers start to dwindle. You also gain the advantage of being more accurate when you’re on the ground. The only times you jump are when you’re escaping enemy fire and when you’re trying to reach higher ground. 

Noscope? No problem

There are times when your flicks to the enemies just aren’t cutting it. If you’re in a close gunfight and the enemy is at an odd position away from your crosshair (such as diagonal), it wouldn’t hurt to go for a couple of noscopes. It’s good to know your own aiming limitations. You won’t have to waste that extra click and flick action on a shot that you think you’ll miss. Sometimes a little RNG can be beneficial.

Headshot, deadshot

Aim for the head. Killing in one shot is so much more satisfying than having to hit two shots, and it could be the difference between winning an aim duel and looking silly for not hitting that headshot. Efficient fragging is crucial for those who want to win rounds and gain precious Operation XP. Headshots are what separate the marksman from the amateur; it’ll definitely show when other players compliment you from spectator mode.

Walk-shooting works well

The adjusted weapon accuracy is one of the best parts of the game mode. The scout becomes unbelievably accurate, allowing you to see your dark crosshair while scoped in. Walking and aiming has two massive benefits: you’re a hard target to hit thanks to the low gravity/scoped movement speed and you can accurately shoot while avoiding bullets. A well-timed counter-strafe combined with good aim can guarantee a tango down. 

Cover is key

Sitting behind a truck, rock, or box can sometimes make you an easy kill if you can peek over it, but combining all of the previous tips with good cover can make you a nuisance for the other team. Cover can be pivotal in spotting enemies and staying hidden in open areas, especially when the number of alive players decrease. Shoulder and jiggle peeking around cover makes you the ultimate pest for players with poor aim.