Flashpoint 2 teams revealed with $1 million prize pool

It's back and it's got some new teams.

Image via Flashpoint

Three of the best Counter-Strike teams will join the founding members of Flashpoint in the upcoming season to fight for their share of the $1 million prize pool. 

Major tournament organizer Flashpoint, owned by B Site inc., revealed earlier today the latest collection of teams set to compete in the second season of the tournament series. These new teams include world champions like Fnatic alongside some in-form heavy hitters like BIG and OG. 

These new teams join the original members from Flashpoint’s inaugural season, which concluded in April with MAD Lions as the winner. Similar to the first season, Flashpoint 2 will garner a $1 million prize pool, which will likely be split across the top eight teams with the eventual winner taking home $500,000. 

The first season had a peak viewership of around 282,418 and an average viewership of 49,977, according to Esports Charts. The grand finals had the highest viewership of the tournament but MIBR and MAD Lions were the most popular and exciting teams to watch at the time. 

Most teams are set to head into Flashpoint 2 with new rosters. MAD Lions’ lineup is almost completely changed following the removal of Bubzkji and MIBR has removed some of the key players from its roster, like Fallen and fer.

Flashpoint 2 is set to begin on Nov. 10 and conclude on Dec. 6.