Flashbang prevents CS:GO player from winning 1-vs-5 clutch on Inferno

That's some cheese.

Image via Valve

A casual CS:GO player seemingly had all the momentum needed to win a nearly impossible clutch in an Inferno matchmaking game, but they were stopped by a grenade that normally isn’t dangerous enough to get a kill.

The player in this clip was the last CT remaining in a one-vs-five scenario when they killed the first Terrorist and subsequently dropped the bomb near T Ramp. The player switched out his Famas for an AWP and started guarding the C4 from the other Terrorists, who had to try to pick it up. The last CT alive dealt with the second Terrorist by landing a beautiful no-scope and easily handled the next two opponents before the unexpected happened.

The CT had just one HP left and was hit by a flashbang that the last Terrorist threw in an effort to blind them. The flashbang worked better than the enemy could’ve ever thought, though, since it hit the CT and killed them.

Although the flashbang will always deal one HP of damage when it hits a player, no one will throw it with the purpose of trying to finalize an opponent because it’s pointless. The last Terrorist alive probably didn’t even know that the CT had just one HP left and was just trying to blind them ahead of the last aim duel of the round.

This situation was a funny turn of events for us spectators but likely a sad moment for the CT since a flashbang unintentionally interrupted what could’ve been a great clutch.