6 December 2017 - 19:38

FaZe finishes atop Group A at the EPL Season Six Finals

The European juggernaut is headed to the semifinals.
Photo via ESL

Group play at the ESL Pro League Season Six Finals is almost over, and FaZe Clan have finished at the top of Group A.

After going 1-1 in day one of the $750,000 event, FaZe went undefeated earlier today, defeating Astralis, Luminosity Gaming, and HellRaisers in three best-of-ones. The European powerhouse will be joined in the playoff bracket by Fnatic and HellRaisers, who finished first and second in yesterday’s matches.

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FaZe’s run on day two of the group stage was relatively easy, with their closest match being against Luminosity. With Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer averaging 21 kills per map, FaZe stomped Astralis on Mirage 16-5 and HellRaisers on Overpass 16-7. In their Train game against Luminosity, they overcame a small 9-6 deficit with a crucial Counter-Terrorist pistol round win, dominating the Brazilian side on the remainder of the map with a 16-12 scoreline.

Although FaZe had the most notable storyline of today, Fnatic and HellRaisers also tallied some wins for themselves to advance to the quarterfinals on Dec. 8. Fnatic defeated Team Liquid 22-18 in double overtime on Mirage to quell the North Americans’ playoff hopes. But most importantly, both Fnatic and HellRaisers eliminated Astralis from the EPL Finals with 16-7 (on Inferno) and 16-13 (on Overpass) wins, respectively. HellRaisers’ Counter-Terrorist side deserves recognition though, as Astralis’ Overpass offense is one of the strongest in the professional scene.

HellRaisers will be going to the quarterfinals on Dec. 8 to play Misfits (at 1:50pm ET) for a spot in the semifinals against SK Gaming, while Fnatic will go up against OpTic Gaming that same day (at 10am ET). FaZe will have an extra day off, however, and will compete in the semifinals on Dec. 9 at 10am ET.

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