‘We’re the best team in the world’: karrigan has no doubts about FaZe’s level in CS:GO

The results speak for themselves.

Photo via PGL

FaZe Clan have enjoyed a string of first-place finishes in CS:GO this season and in-game leader karrigan believes the results are proof of the team’s top level.

After winning their fourth big trophy at IEM Cologne 2022 yesterday, the Dane spoke about his expectations for the next season and FaZe’s overall strength and position in the CS:GO circuit.

“We’re the best team in the world when you look at the results of this season, four trophies to us, one to Cloud9, one to NAVI,” karrigan said in an interview with HLTV.

The Danish IGL led FaZe to wins at IEM Cologne, PGL Antwerp Major, IEM Katowice 2022, and ESL Pro League season 15, making them just one win away from securing the fourth season of the Intel Grand Slam.

“There’s no discussion that we’re the best team in the world and I’m super happy to see NAVI perform at this level so far,” karrigan added.

K arrigan has set some goals for the upcoming season, which starts mid-way through August after players return from the summer break. “The main goal for next season is the Intel Grand Slam. When and how we win it doesn’t even matter,” karrigan said.

FaZe will have six opportunities to win the Intel Grand Slam this year, including at ESL Pro League season 16 and the IEM Rio Major 2022, among others.