FACEIT New Anti-Cheating Rule

FACEIT Introduces an Interesting New Rule

In an interesting twist this week, FACEIT has updated their Terms of Service to allow the homes and computers of suspected cheaters to be searched. Now let’s be clear, this isn’t an attempt at a joke, and it’s actually in FACEIT’s own rules for professional players. This was first uncovered by Team Solo Mid player Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth.


There’s a lot of questions floating around about this rule. If FACEIT actually tried to search someone’s computer, is that type of a search even legal? Either way you look at it, the measure is there for FACEIT to maintain a fair league for all players. However, home searches may be the extreme option to keep an even playing field.

For those of you sweating bullets right now and looking for a magnet to have at the ready to wipe your drives, need not to worry. Niccolo “@nmaisto” Maisto said on reddit that this measure was only for professional players. FACEIT admins will not visit any players playing in a FACEIT PUG.


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