FACEIT announces $3.5 million league

Recently FACEIT announced in cooperation with Twitch a $3.5 Million League called "Esports Championship Series (ECS)"

$3.5 Million league:


The league will be splitted in two divisions. One for Europe and One for North America, both have eight invited teams and two qualified teams. The Top Teams of each division will play it out on a lan event. The 3.5 Million Dollar Prize pool will be split up over the two seasons of the Esports Championship Series (ECS). In Addition there will be the unique opportunity for teams to “co-own” the ECS, which basiclly means the teams can earn a share of the tournament’s revenue. 


FACEIT and their previously hosted leagues:


The last league that FACEIT hosted was their third season of their houseown “FACEIT League”, which was won by Fnatic six months ago. They also helped with the ELeague Road to Vegas, which was the qualifier for the season league “ELeague”.


Qualifiers for ECS:

The Qualifiers will be hold between the 6 and 8 of April in Europe and North America. The event will have a Round Robin stage, where four teams for each division try to get to the semifinals. In the semifinals for each division two invited teams will wait for the Teams that made it through the Round Robin Stage and battle it of for the two spots in each division.


Teams participating the Round Robin stage:



  • AGG
  • Hellraisers
  • SK Gaming
  • Gambit Gaming


North America:

  • Winterfox
  • Echo Fox
  • Obey.Alliance
  • KKona


Teams directly invited into the semi finals:



  • mousesports
  • G2 Esports


North America:

  • Selfless Gaming
  • Splyce