Evil Geniuses CS:GO gets Major lifeline after passport issues open up Americas RMR spot

One more chance to attend the last CS:GO Major.

HexT competing with Evil Geniuses' CS:GO roster.
Photo by Adela Sznajder via ESL Gaming

It’s been two straight days of celebration in the Evil Geniuses CS:GO camp after what’s been a dismal start to the 2023 campaign. Just a few hours removed from their academy roster pulling off a stunning upset, the main roster has been gifted one final chance to redeem themselves and reach the last-ever CS:GO Major.

On the morning of April 1, BLAST officially announced that the Detonate roster had to give up its spot at the BLAST Americas RMR due to passport issues preventing the team from submitting a valid roster. Per a Dust2 report from the day prior, two players from Detonate were unable to attend due to passport issues and a medical emergency. Detonate would have to use a second substitute to field a full roster, which isn’t allowed under the Valve rulebook.

That report claimed that EG would take the spot in the case of Detonate forfeiting, and BLAST confirmed that in their April 1 announcement, as EG finished just behind Detonate at the NA RMR closed qualifier. EG has accepted the invite to play in Monterrey, Mexico, according to the BLAST announcement, and will take Detonate’s seeding and already listed matchups.

This last-second invite is a lifeline for EG, who have been on a poor performance streak for all of 2023. The organization’s CS:GO division has drawn much criticism from the community for its poor performances, including the team’s ninth-place finish at the NA RMR closed qualifier that would have meant missing the RMR completely if not for this last-second update.

The second chance at the RMR is the second straight day featuring a rare positive result for EG CS:GO. The night before, the EG Black academy roster pulled off a stunning upset over Brazil’s top team in FURIA at the BLAST Premier Spring American Showdown, giving them a chance to reach the Spring Final if they can win two more.

The EG main roster will face Imperial Esports in the first round of the Americas RMR.

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