EspiranTo, twist, and robiin assemble a new international CS:GO team

The new team is practicing and waiting for tournament invites.

Image via Valve

Former c0ntact Gaming player Rokas “⁠EspiranTo⁠” Milasauskas and former Ninjas in Pyjamas’ rifler Simon “twist” Eliasson have put together a new international CS:GO project, they announced today.

The roster will be rounded out by former Endpoint player Robin “robiin” Sjögren and the youngsters Denis “grux” Gutaj and Armandas “maty” Kneit. They’ll be playing under the tag MANS NOT HOT and will be coached by the former c0ntact Gamer skipper Neil “⁠NeiL_M⁠” Murphy.

“All the players are free agents and practice has already begun, for any tournament invites or organizations interested in us, you can contact me here,” NeiL_M said in a tweet.

The two most notable players on the roster, twist and EspiranTo, were last seen playing for Lemondogs, a Swedish mix team, and GORILLAZ, Robin “flusha” Rönnquist’s project, respectively. EspiranTo was kicked from GORILLAZ since he couldn’t adapt to the roles he was given. He said the experience was a “good kick in the ass to start grinding even more” and surely hopes that the MANS NOT HOT project goes better.

“Our goals are simple, to create a new international home where each player is at his highest peak in their most impactful role to shine,” NeiL_M said in an interview with HLTV. “All five players here are slotted into the most natural role that they wanted, we’ve already started to practice as much as possible. We’re ready to compete in events to grind our way up the ladder and prove who we are.”

Since MANS NOT HOT aren’t scheduled to play in any tournaments in the near future, it will take some time to see whether once tier-one players like EspiranTo and twist can turn their careers around.