ESL Pro League Finals: Day 1 Recap

The ESL Pro League Finals have kicked off for season three. Here is everything you need to know about day one.

ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals began with the first set of group matches today. After the initial best-of-one matches, winning teams played another best-of-one game. Losing teams were scheduled to play a best-of-three match with Group A losers today and Group B losers tomorrow. Here is the recap:


Group A

  • OpTic Gaming won 16-7 against Astralis on Inferno
  • G2 Esports won 16-12 against Luminosity Gaming on Train
  • G2 Esports won 16-7 against OpTic Gaming on Cobblestone
  • Luminosity Gaming won 2-1 against Astralis in a BO3
    • Map 1 – Astralis won 16-9 against Luminosity on Dust II
    • Map 2 – Luminosity Gaming won 16-12 against Astralis on Overpass
    • Map 3 – Luminosity Gaming won 16-13 against Astralis on Train


Group B


Tomorrow, Cloud9 and Team Liquid will play in the Group B loser’s match before the two deciders matches. The team that wins the match will have one more attempt to qualify for the semifinals. Astralis and tomorrow’s losing team are knocked out of the competition.


G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas are already qualified for the semifinals on Saturday, so they will have a break tomorrow. FNATIC, OpTic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming and the winner of the Group B losers match will play in the decider matches tomorrow to qualify for the seminals. The final match on Sunday will decide who takes the crown for season three and receive $200,000.

After a day of exciting matches, who do you think will make it to the finals for this season of ESL Pro League? Comment your predictions and make sure to follow our Twitter, @GAMURScom, for more esports news.