ESL ESEA Pro League: Week 4

Here is the week 4 results for the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2.

Teams from across Europe and North America are set to face off against each other for the next nine weeks. At the end of the nine weeks, four of the top teams from the respective regions will qualify for the Season 2 Pro League Finals in a “special location”. The matches will be played in a best-of-one format with maps already chosen.

Europe Results

Tuesday, 6 October

  • Titan won 16-13 against FNC (Train)
  • TSM won 16-5 against Titan (Overpass)
  • TSM won 16-10 against NiP (Cobblestone)
  • Dignitas won 19-15 against mouse (Cobblestone)

Wednesday, 7 October

  • Dignitas won 16-12 against HR (Train)
  • FNC won 16-10 SK (Cobblestone)

Thursday, 8 October

  • TSM won 16-3 against Dignitas (Dust2)

North America Results

Tuesday, 6 October

  • Liquid won 16-11 against Method (Overpass)
  • Enemy won 16-7 against Method (Inferno)
  • Enemy won 16-5 against FOLLOW (Train)

Wednesday, 7 October

  • Liquid won 16-4 against Method (Cobblestone)
  • Liquid won 16-2 against FOLLOW (Overpass)
  • Method won 16-5 against Enemy (Cobblestone)
  • Enemy won 16-11 against FOLLOW Cobblestone)

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