ESL and ESEA: World’s Largest Counter Strike League

ESL and ESEA announced the largest Counter Strike League in history with over $1,000,000 in prize money.

The Electronic Sports League is one of the world’s leading eSports brands, and host both online and offline tournaments on a variety of games and platforms. This includes high profile international tournaments such as ESL One, the ESL Pro Series and the StarCraft II World Championship Series along with lower leagues and cups for the amateur players and teams.

The eSports Entertainment Association is the world’s largest Counter Strike community, and hosts a global game network across five continents of the world for all levels of skill.

ESL and ESEA have now joined forces and are set to host the biggest Counter Strike:Global Offensive league in history. It has already been announced that for the rest of the 2015 season, this league will pay out $1,000,000 in prize money. In addition to the large prize pool, the top teams from across the world will receive full travel support if they make it to the offline finals.

The ESL ESEA Pro League is set to start on May 4, 2015.

Before all else, the league will begin in North America and Europe with one division per region, and these divisions will consist of twelve invited teams. The Pro League matches will be held online on a weekly basis, with a four day offline finals in ESL’s cutting edge eSports Arenas in Cologne, Germany and Los Angeles, California.

“ESL started out with Counter-Strike more than fifteen years ago. Now, many years later, we are extremely excited to be in a position where we can take the industry to the next level with the first regular US$500,000 Counter-Strike league together with ESEA” said Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of ESL.

“ESEA is where the pros play, it’s been that way for more than a decade, and combining our league expertise, a million dollars, and ESL’s exceptional production quality represents a major milestone for everyone who loves Counter-Strike,” said Eric Thunberg, President & CEO of ESEA.

More information is still to be released on the twelve teams that have been invited into the ESL ESEA Pro League.

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