ESIC issues $10,000 fine to Team Vitality for stream-sniping violation

ESIC is upholding its zero-tolerance approach to stream sniping.

Image via Valve

ESIC issued a $10,000 fine to Team Vitality today for a stream-sniping breach following the team’s match against Team Liquid during BLAST Pro Series.

During a Jan. 21 CS:GO match between Liquid and Vitality, a TV in the Vitality lounge area played a broadcast of the game. Although there was "no malicious intention," the incident violates ESIC's zero-tolerance approach to stream-sniping.

"ESIC reviewed the VOD, player cams and other video evidence from both the Complexity and Team Liquid matches and analysed in-team comms finding no evidence that the incident gave rise to or represented any effort by the players and coach to gain any advantage or cheat during the matches," ESIC wrote in a statement.

Vitality's management accepted responsibility for the breach and the fine.

The fine is in line with ESIC's zero-tolerance approach to stream sniping, according to the release.

The intention of Vitality management likely wasn't to give their team an unfair advantage, it was likely to simply watch the game in their lounge. However, due to the lounge's proximity to their player's room, the possibility of stream sniping exists.

There can't be any tolerance for even appearing to break the rules after the year CS:GO has had. ESIC suspended 35 players yesterday for betting offenses, and the coaching scandal rocked the scene throughout 2020.