EPICENTER Moscow Day 3 Recap

Recap and results from day 3 at EPICENTER Moscow.

The third day of EPICENTER Moscow has come to an end, completing the group stages of the event. Here are the results from today’s matches (Oct. 19).

Group A Matches

Team Dignitas tie G2 Esports 1-1

  • Dignitas win Dust II 16-14
  • G2 win Overpass 16-12

Ninjas in Pyjamas tie Natus Vincere 1-1

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas win Nuke 16-11
  • Natus Vincere win Overpass 16-3


With all four teams finishing 3-3 in the group, placing was decided by round differential. Natus Vincere won the group and advanced to the semifinal with a bye because of their +7 round differential, with G2 and Dignitas finishing second and third respectively, advancing to the quarterfinals. Ninjas in Pyjamas were eliminated from EPICENTER with a round differential of -10.

Group B Matches

SK Gaming defeat HellRaisers 2-0

  • SK Gaming win Overpass 16-5
  • SK Gaming win Cobblestone 16-6

Virtus.Pro tie Fnatic 1-1

  • Virtus.Pro win Cobblestone 16-11
  • Fnatic win Mirage 16-13


Virtus.Pro wins the group with their 4-2 record, advancing with a bye to the semifinals. Fnatic and SK Gaming took second and third respectively, advancing to the quarterfinals with their 3-3 records. HellRaisers was eliminated from EPICENTER after going 2-4.

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