DreamHack ZOWIE Open 2016 Day 2 Recap

DreamHack ZOWIE Open 2016 Day 2 recap and result.

The second day of the DreamHack Zowie Open was filled with upsets. Here are the results from the final day of group stages.

Group A Matches

Flipsid3 Tactics defeats Team Dignitas 2-1

  • Flipsid3 won Train 16-14
  • Dignitas won Overpass 16-13
  • Flipsid3 won Nuke 16-14

Kinguin defeats Flipsid3 Tactics 2-1, advancing to the semifinals.

  • Flipsid3 won Overpass 19-16
  • Kinguin won Cache 16-13
  • Kinguin won Mirage 16-6

Group B Matches

Cloud9 defeats OpTic Gaming 2-0

  • Cloud9 won Overpass 16-8
  • Cloud9 won Dust II 16-6

Gambit defeats Cloud9 2-1, advancing to the semifinals.

  • Cloud9 won Mirage 16-6
  • Gambit won Cobblestone 16-2
  • Gambit won Dust II 16-11

Today’s losers bracket matches started with a bang, as the Blad3-led Flipsid3 beat potential tournament favorite Dignitas in a best-of-three, including a win on one the Danish side’s specialty maps in Nuke. Despite a strong performance by AWPer WorldEdit in the following series, Kinguin managed to pull out a 2-1 series win, and will face Renegades tomorrow.

In the group B matches, Cloud9 beat fellow North American team in OpTic in a quick 2-0, but then fell short against Gambit off the back of a star performance by AWPer mou. Gambit will face GODSENT tomorrow in their semifinal match.

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