DH Announce European Qualifier teams for Las Vegas

DreamHack has announced the teams invited to the European Qualifier section for DH Masters Las Vegas.

DreamHack has announced the teams for it’s upcoming DreamHack Masters tournament in Las Vegas next year, in February. Joining the eight invited teams will be four teams out of the 16 that will attend the European Qualifier. Here is the list of invited teams, along with who they will be playing in their opening best-of-three matchup in the European Qualifier:

  • FaZe Clan (Invited) vs. Elements Pro Gaming
  • FlipSid3 Tactics (Invited) vs. Team Heroic (Invited)
  • Gambit (Invited) vs. Norse
  • GODSENT (Invited) vs. PRIDE
  • mousesports (Invited) vs. hmm
  • HellRaisers vs. Tricked
  • Fnatic (Invited) vs. Rogue
  • G2 (Invited) vs. DarkPassage

From these eight games, the victors will progress into the quarterfinals, where teams will face off with each other to play for a spot at the $450,000 tournament hosted in the same venue that saw the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight: the MGM Grand Arena. The teams that lose their best-of-three matchup, in both the preliminary stages and quarterfinals, will be out of the qualifier. 

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The author, Cam “clootch” Brierley, can be reached on Twitter @clootch_CS