Device says he doesn’t know if it’s worth buying the AWP in the Krieg meta

The Krieg meta is even haunting the best CS:GO snipers.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

Astralis’ Nicolai “device” Reedtz, one of the best CS:GO snipers in the world, is struggling to use the AWP against the SG 553, popularly known as the Krieg.

The scoped rifle has been the third-most purchased weapon in CS:GO over the last few months. Many pros finally mastered the Krieg’s spray pattern, which is different than the AK-47, the most popular T-side rifle. But some pros also think the gun should be nerfed.

Device shared his frustration with the Krieg on Instagram after Astralis secured a spot in the ECS season eight finals. “Tough night for me personally, struggling to AWP against the Kriegs,” Device said. “Not quite sure if it’s even worth to buy the AWP that much anymore.”

Curiously, device is also one of the best Krieg players. In his last match, he top-fragged for Astralis against BIG with 66 kills—and most of them were with the Krieg.

Most AWPers have been struggling against the Krieg because of its first-bullet accuracy and great rate of fire. And the scope allows players to take aim duels that they previously couldn’t with the AK.

Valve can try to balance the weapon by raising its price, but at this point, almost every player will risk having less utility to play with the Krieg.

A nerf should be coming in the next few months, but that could completely break the weapon—just like the AUG. The CT’s scoped rifle lost popularity after its nerf in June.