CS:GO’s Source 2 engine could be coming soon, leaks suggest

Another leak is giving players hopes.

Image via Valve

Another set of leaks is pointing to Valve’s Source 2 engine possibly coming to CS:GO in the near future.

The form of the game, which is reportedly a Source 2 port of CS:GO, was played on the 730 App ID on Steam, which is a regular version of the game that players use, according to a leaker called Aquarius.

The leaker revealed Valve has been making some other intriguing changes to the game’s files. They explained that the developers made a backup version of CS:GO, which was followed by an update that has some client and server tweaks.

It’s tough to say whether this is just the devs testing minor changes to the game or if Valve really intends to release the Source 2 engine. Aquarius has been reporting on Valve’s work on Source 2 for months now and it looks like the devs have been focusing on the engine behind the scenes.

Last week, the devs loaded a Source 2 version of Cobblestone to CS:GO, according to leaks. The same thing happened a few months back when the leaker found six maps with Source 2 in their names, including Italy, Inferno, and Overpass.

Many players have been asking Valve to finally update CS:GO with its new and improved engine, but the devs have yet to officially speak about the project.

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